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Sep 21, 2011

REVIEW: Fan Recap - Run. Run. Bunny, RUN! MCR HCT Review. Charlotte, NC 9-20-11

by crazyluv4mcr

I didn't have a camera with me, So I didn't get any pics. But here is my recount of one of the most amazing nights of my life!!!!

I tried to sleep the night before but my husband was being insane. ha! I had this idea that I needed to be there early to be up front cause from past concert experiences, if you waited you were behind a zillion people! So I wanted to be there between 4 am and 8 am.. So he was a bit mad at me, cause we had not bought him a ticket. BTW buying the ticket was like this: I was on the phone with ticket master 5 min before the tickets were released... The guy that sold me the ticket searched the ticket and then said "It looks like they arent out just yet." I said, "Oh, I know, would you mind waiting with me? They should be available in just a couple minutes." XD He did, and he found my pit ticket! I wasn’t taking any chances haha

I finally let my husband have his way tho, (It was the only way to get any sleep at all!) And I told him, fine, we will leave later. Cause he was going to have to wait in the car through the whole concert alone if we had left really early. And he brought a friend to sit around with and not be alone sense I gave in. So we left at around 2:30 pm. we arrived at the venue close to 3. there were about 20 to 30 people there, most of them were mcr fans!! I stood in line for a while and just butted in on 4 mcr fans conversation for a while.. they didn’t seem to mind so much. One commented how she was amazed that most in the front were all MCR fans, I said, sure, we all want the barrier!, she said that’s true!... None of them acted like I was unwelcome.. one even said (after I told her my age) I looked kinof young "At moments" it was the sweetest fib ever!!!! I am blanking on their names, but they were playing mad libs to pass the time haha

The speakers cracked and came to life where we waited in line and someone began to announce the concert before they opened the doors, a guy said something about Matt n Kim, and blink 182 and my Chemical... My chemical..ummm......... Silence........... My Chemical Romance. It was kindof a hilarious moment. ha They let people with special tickets through first. But then they opened the doors for us and we went through. The girls that were in front of me took off down the path to the pit, it was a long road that went to the left and turned to the right, seemed to be close to a city block in length when I walked it coming out of the venue.. could be wrong, but it was a good run if I had taken it, That’s for sure.. but I took a short cut, people were going up these steps, so instead of following them, i went up the steps, and there was the stage.. I hopped a smallish fence, and ran around the dividers they had to the pit area, it was still a good run, but way shorted than if I had went the way I was sposed to....
I was totally out of breath when i reached the line to enter, someone said are you ok? I said.. no. but I will be!!!

The barrier was covered, two rows in, but that was all, so I chose a spot in the center and Stopped... I was shocked I was so close! and happy as hell that I made it. It was still an hour wait for the opening band.. And i was still winded from that run... (I am so out of shape.. bet the running flailing fat girl was a sight :O lmao)

Mat n Kim
They were insane! It was awesome though, I was not expecting to be entertained really. I wasn’t gonna be rude, but I thought I would just stand there and wait for mcr through their set.. I was wrong.. It was good.
LOUD as fuck. I don’t know anything about their songs sadly. So I cant give any titles. But the played the fuck out of those drums and keyboard. Kim kept standing on the top of the drum, and I was afraid her lil frame was gonna topple to the ground. O_O but she managed to stay up there!

She ran around allot. Kindof like a tiny tornado with this HUGE grin!! She was obviously totally having fun! She said she wore a white shirt cause it was supposed to rain and she thought there would be a wet t-shirt contest.. And she said she would so win with her itty bitty titties. And she went on to feel herself up for emphasis.. The crowd screamed for her..
They asked us for a favor and threw us balloons to blow up, and toss in the air, while they played one song.
There also was a point where she said she was gonna stand on peoples hands and shake her ass over their heads.. Then she climbed up onto peoples hands and did just that!! Luckily, the people held her up safely and it was pretty cool. Matt thanked the audience, later,  for keeping Kim safe.. All in all, it was a wild set.

My Chem
There were mcr and blink commercials running on the screen the whole time while the stage was being set. One moment the light went off, and we thought MCR were coming out but then the commercials were back.. It was a huge roar and then an awwww.. From the crowd LMAO…. But just a few minutes later it went off again, scream from us and then the BlinD woman began to give her message… It was totally intense!…. They walked out and began NANANA… Frank was in a Dracula cape, with a white tshirt that had Dracula written on it! (For some reason I thought it said Vampire? Mind trick maybe? But pics show Dracula.. Hmm.. ) Just playing along like this was normal… ha… He lost the cape at some point but I missed it..
I kept forgetting to watch. I would involuntarily close my eyes, I usually close my eyes while I am listening to MCR, its this bad habit I have and obviously happens when they are in front of me too…
Gerard was so energetic! He was captivating. I tried my best to pay attention to everyone, but I am telling you, it was very hard to do with him trying to take your attention! At some point the pointed strait into someone’s camera but I cant remember what song it was.. It was really cool tho..

1. Nanana-- the recording goes silent and BOOM.. Na na na na, na na na, na na na na! whahaaa I started to get dizzy just ass Gerard yelled “Shout it!” And I realized I was holding my breath.. *rolls eyes at self*  I started to pay attention to my breathing and the dizziness went away. Thank fuck. There was a point where Gerard spit and then he seemed sorry like he wasn’t sposed to or maybe he hit someone?! I have no idea, but he did the “Oh shit“ face.. (NO Idea what that was!!!)
“everybody wants to change the world, everybody wants to change the world, but noone wants to die!!!…. Let this world explodeeee!” I do not care, this song gets your heart to racing and your whole body feels like your encased in a hurricane! As long as you remember to breath….

2. not ok -- I’m not okay!! I couldn’t tell if Frank said anything on the trust me part, but I love how this song takes you away. And when Gerard sings the I’m not okayyyyyy-ee-- yea, part at the end, his voice just gives me chills.. Wonderful chills!!!!

3. Planetary--I have been dying to see this live, this and one other song, and OMG I must say, I was not disappointed. Its more thrilling than I imagined!! The rhythm gets in your soul, deep into your core. And then Gerard’s voice is there to keep you from getting lost. I tried very much to jump, I actually did jump some. (I am paying for it now!!) If my velocity starts to make you sweat! Then just don’t let go!!!” there’s no way not to let go when you are in this song’s grip, I let go, holy shit!! It was fucking amazing. I didn’t even care that a few blink fans around me weren’t moving. I noticed, but did not care! I went nuts!!!   “I think I better go now!” nooo the end of the song is coming ! Ahhhhh… man its over.. Can I still stand? Seems barely, but I was still there.. And happy xD

 4. only hope-- there is just something kindof mystical about the beginning of this song, I love it on my mp3 player, but live it’s a whole different kindof enchantment.. Then the soft intro guitars pulls you along like soft water splashed in your face. And then it kindof kicks in, you really get the sound of guitars through this live, it was amazing… It’s such a pretty song to me, and then when the beat is coursing through your body, its very wonderful.

5. our lady of sorrows-- I was a lil shocked when I heard the first notes. The song sprung forth like a fire and enveloped me in it’s rhythm.. Omg I I was bouncing and screaming and singing … and then the scream.. “Just because my hand’s around your throat!!!” I screamed.. “Doesn’t mean that I don’t love you!!!!” I was a lil to into it… I doubt anyone heard it cep the guy in front of me and maybe a couple others.. When I realized what I did, I just thought.. Whoa.. Sorry… *oopps grin* ghhaa totally LOVE that they played that.

6.  Mama-- Hands up!! … I clapped … mama we’re all gonna JUMP! I totally knew he was gonna sing that, and sang that too!!! .. A lil triumph all by myself in the middle of a billion people!!! XD my hand was up and I counted down with my fingers!! 2..3..4.. Scream!!! Yea!! We’re DAMNED after all!!! … The scream at the end .. And then the lalalala .. Ghhaa its perfect.. And I have heard the lala part online enough to be the only one . Well at least where I was.. Not in the whole place im sure.. To sing that part!! ha

7. Helena-- before this song was about the only time Gerard talked really. He asked if we feel like singing tonight.. Well YESSSS!! woah-oh woah oh woah oh oh oh oh … I am so glad he started us like that. Hell yea!… My eyes were closed during most of this song.. But I sand along and grinned mostly..

8. give em hell kid--OH BABY HERE COMES THE SOUND! …. I LOVE THIS SOUND! FUCK.. You kindof wanna be VERY VERY LOUD WITH THIS SONG!!!…. And flail about hoping noone you bump into hits you back.. That would be bad. And then and then.. It came to the “you’re beautiful part.” and Gerard kindof stops and has this question look on his face.. And we screamed..” You’re Beautiful!!” I think I saw a grin but he turned around very fast… haha … you’re dreams or your fucked up hair!!!… Do you care at .. He screamed!!!!.. Yes!.. ( I can’t help it, Gerard can scream as well as he sings! )

9. Teenagers-- you kindof have to punch the air.. It’s a must! I didn’t realize it but I was kindof bouncing with this song, moving from one leg to the other.. So darken your clothes or strike a vi-o-lent pose!!

10. famous last words-- god the music on this song is just.. How do you explain it. Huge! Its so overwhelming. Its like the music is flying in the air and has substance that you can touch…I am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid to walk this world alone!!!! ..

11. Scarecrow--THIS.. THIS is the other song I wanted to witness live.. I play this song over and over on my mp3 player. Too much probably. It just has something that makes you feel… happy.. Even tho its about the bombs getting you.. Isn’t it? But I wanna swayyyy. And not give a shit about anything!!! I tried to sway but Gerard kept doing the hand bounce and the audience of course obeyed… BUT I wanna sway! Dammit!!!…. Oh well, I swayed any fuckin way… He burns my skin!!!!. (I allocate this line to my husband.. don’t tell him that..) Shut up and run with me!!… hell yea.. I love this new line to much… Shut up and run with me!! *Grins* *sways* good fuckin god.. This song was amazing to me anyways, but live… live! holy fuck… Shut up and run with me…. .. And the part where it went quiet and he screamed shut up and run with me!! Fuck.. Love love wont stop this bomb!! Bomb!!!….run run bunny run.. Run run bunny RUN!!  (guitars killing me soooo damn good omg) ,,, god. So awesome..

12. Wttbp--the crowd went nuts when the piano started, This song sometimes makes me cry. Witch I did, but I was so sweating no one could tell, lol There’s a lyric in it. “Sometimes I get the feeling she’s watching over me..” It makes me think of my mom.. I miss her. 

13. Cancer--everyone left the stage sep Gerard.. And he sang it so softly.. His voice is my fav in the world. There’s just something about his talent. It’s beautiful. This song I rarely play. I can’t, I love it, but my dad died with cancer years ago, and so I only play it when I am already in a fit of missing him, cause when you have lost someone like that and are already in that place that pulls you into missing them and wishing for just a moment with them again, there isn’t much you can do about it. So I kindof use this song to miss my dad. It was beautiful, and heart wrenching for me. Then he simply said “goodnight” and walked offstage.
I felt like I had just been on this intense rollercoaster ride.. So many emotions had flooded through me in that small amount of time.

I wish there was a way to replay memories in a kind of reality replay, instead of the small inside your head way we have to relive them.. It would be wonderful to relieve those moments again.
I would kill to follow them around the world watching them play every night. It can’t happen, I just can’t afford it, But these moments I do get to experience the power of them live, I will cherish forever.. Even if it is small and just from inside my head.

Finally, I left the pit when MCR’s set was over.. I sat outside and rested.. I was beat. God, every muscle throbbed.. Still does. I listened to most of Blinks set from outside.. I remember hearing them start one song singing nanana sortof.. It was hilarious.. I laughed so hard in my spot against the wall.. I talked to a few workers on the way out, telling them to have a good day.. Every damn one of them asked me if I had kids watching the show!!! Each time I said.. Nope.. Was just me in there.. And ginned.. LOVED saying that. Heh.

I can’t wait to do this again!
I love my boys so very much..


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