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Sep 30, 2011

REVIEW: Tour Blogger: Honda Civic Tour Atlanta

by redstreaks

There are few times in my life that I have been to a concert.  I can count on 2 hands the number of live musical acts I have bought tickets to see.  Five of those fingers would be My Chemical Romance shows.  From the first riff of “I’m Not Okay” to the last note of “Vampire Money” and all the discoveries of other songs in between, absolutely no music or lyrics have ever reached me, such as theirs.  It has been said time and time again, but it is as if the lyrics of each song reached right into my soul and exposed my insides.  Whether it’s the emotion poured into every guitar strum, bass pluck or word sang… this band has a hold on people that just won’t let go.

Some fans from back in the day say it’s the antics on stage, but how can that be?  When My Chemical Romance took the stage, as Freddie Mercury once said in a song, “It’s a kind of magic."  And that was nothing further from the truth tonight.  An army of fans they have created.  Regardless the waiting time, regardless the weather, the fans are always there…dressed in the colors that represent their undying devotion to a band whose music means so much to them.  

As I walked down the line of fans that waited to get in, there was a buzz in the air.  They were moments away from experiencing the time of their lives.  For one girl it was the first time she had gotten to ever see MCR live and the anticipation was overwhelming for her!  The smiles on faces after waiting for hours were still there.  No one could dampen the spirits of these Killjoys.  

When the doors opened it was a mad dash as usual for the ones with pit tickets.  The rest of the fans ambled around to various vendors set up outside the amphitheater, including the merch tents for MCR.  

Matt and Kim were the first act and maybe I am making enemies by saying this, but they weren’t the greatest cookie in the jar.  But hey, maybe that is simply my music taste.

The time came for My Chemical Romance and me to take my place in the photo pit and I was immediately denied, even though I had the letter from WB stating that I was indeed supposed to be there and the photo pass.  I tried the other side and that guard denied me entry as well.  At that point I started emailing my contact at WB and thank heavens she was online.  She got the emails and started telling me things to do.  I was even showing the security guards the emails from my cell phone that was clearly marked with Warner Brothers.  I was accused of lying by one and was told it was too late by the other.  When I tried the third he told me to stop trying to cause problems.  I wrote my contact one last time told her they were saying no and by this time MCR was on song number 4 or 5 and not only was I not getting the photos I was asked to make, I was completely missing most of their set.  

Finally MCR’s tour manager found me and said it was almost over.  She told me to quickly come with her.  She took me down a hallway and then through several rooms. That’s when I realized I was actually backstage.  Suddenly a door stood in front of me that said “Stage Door”.  My knees and hands started to shake.  She pulled the door open and there they all were, singing, playing, and doing what they do best… rocking their asses off and captivating every person in the crowd, even some of the begrudging Blink fans couldn’t help but jump to the music!  And there I was standing on stage with them experiencing it all from a whole other level. Standing in the back between Ray and James Dewees, seeing what the band sees on a nightly basis was amazing.  I couldn’t feel my legs at one point I was shaking so badly.  Happiness, nervousness, excitement, every emotion I could feel, I felt at once.  The roar of the crowd was like a freight train running right through your body; you could physically feel their impact.  The energy created by all those fans is a force to be reckoned with.  If you have never seen them live, I highly suggest you do.  It will be a night you will never forget and want to come back for more again and again!

After My Chemical Romance left the stage, Blink 182 took it and rocked the house.  You would have never known they had ever taken a break from all those years ago!

And as for me, I want to thank the two ladies from Warner Brothers who went above and beyond the call of duty.  And also a special thanks to Warner Brothers and Buzznet for allowing me the opportunity and privilege of being the tour blogger! 


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