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Sep 19, 2011

REVIEW: Fan recaps - Saratoga, NY 09/16/11

by littlemousling

They. Just. I mean. They were RIGHT FUCKING THERE. And also, the thing is? WE were right fucking there, dancing our asses off, waving our arms and clapping, singing at the tops of our lungs. We were REALLY REALLY there for them, and Gerard kept coming over to our side, over and over and over, and singing right at us. It was pretty amazing. He praised the crowd--complete with an adorable "and I don't say that every night! ... like for instance, last night, I didn't say that!" (lol sorry Pittsburgh), and I honestly believe we contributed to that, because we were energy balls and we were right up front....

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 by fobsessed54

So we go in for MCR and it. was. fucking. fantastic. just being there with someone who’s as passionate as i am was great. we blew out our voices and cried and jumped around and had a euphoric time. Gerard looked fabulous (guh i wanna maul that man, honestly, he ages BACKWARDS. NOT FAIR) Frankie had about 4 layers on, including his grampa cardigan. We were on Ray’s side and just listening to him and watching him play was fan-fucking-tastic. Mikey looks a lot like Tommy Joe Ratliff from far away!! except taller. But once we got that out of the way we appreciated his hotness in its own right. [info]free2hate could hardly get over how gorgeous he is! talk about a chiseled jaw line!

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by augustfading

My seats were way better than I expected. That's not to say they were great but I thought we were going to be in the back of the venue and we weren't. It was freezing out, low 40's during the show, I could see my breath and my fingers were going numb. My pictures came out awful, my camera usually gets pretty good shots for a point and shoot but it just wasn't having it. That's okay though because I just left it in my pocket most of the time and that made it easier to participate. Gerard likes you to clap here, move your hands like that there, and like this there, all much easier when you aren't holding a camera. It was a lot of fun. The show was over way too soon but they really made the most of their time on stage. Gerard was pretty chatty, he kept blowing us kisses which was really way too sweet. I miss them so much already.

full recap here

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