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Sep 30, 2011

REVIEW: My post about the meet and greet with mcr: GERARD WAY HIGH-FIVED ME

by barratt-tone

There were about 40 people with meet and greet passes and they had us in a line and were taking in about 6 people at a time to meet MCR. I was the first person in my group, so they told us to go in and BAM. Frank, Mikey, Ray, and Gerard. Just standing there looking 100x more beautiful…and actually a lot smaller than I had thought they’d be, in person.

I walked up to Frank, said “HI!” and he gave me a kinda creepy “Helllllooo” followed by “how are you?” He had one of the strongest handshakes I’ve ever had before. He looked me in the eyes (ugh he has such big, beautiful eyes) and said “so i love your shirt, mass canvas!” (I was wearing the black and white Gerard shirt) I told him “OH! I have something for you” and tried to find the letters and gloves I had for him in my bag, but kept grabbing the wrong thing, and so I apologized for being so nervous, and he said “Oh, don’t worry, it’s fine, take your time!” He loved the gloves & pins I got him. Finally, I remembered I wanted him to write a lyric so I can get it tattooed, and he said “OH YEAH, sure!” so I handed him a piece of paper and a purple sharpie. He said “so, are you gonna get it in purple!?” lol, maybe frank…maybe. I think I thanked him a million times. And he thanked me back.

Mikey was adorable, I shook his hand and he said “Hey, how are you? I’m Mikey!” :) I told him I was excited to meet him and he smiled.

Ray was so beautiful. Shook his hand and told him I was happy to meet him. Ray’s got a great handshake too, and the fro was fabulous.

Gerard. He’s smaller than I thought he’d be…short-wise and skinny-wise. Shook his hand and gave him the comic I had. My mom has had this Batman comic since she was little, in 1966. It’s 3D and even still has the 3D bat-glasses. He flipped shit. He said “wow….WOW! I’m so excited about this!! Thank you!! I gotta get a high five for that!!” So I high fived Gerard, and his pinky was sooo far away from the rest of his fingers. lol :)

When my mom got up to Ray, she got a freaking hug. lol. She wore my shirt that says “You like D&D, Audrey Hepburn, Fangoria, Harry Houdini, and Croquet” on the front and “You can’t swim, you can’t dance, and you don’t know karate” on the back. Ray started laughing and said “whoa, look at her shirt!” and Gerard giggled and said “…fangoria” it was adorable

All in all, these men are amazing. I didn’t freak out, I wasn’t awkward, I said everything I wanted to say and got to talk to them face to face. They were all so much more handsome in person, it’s just amazing. 


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