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Sep 13, 2011

REVIEW: Tour Blogger: Honda Civic Tour Chicago

Alrighty. Where do I begin? So much has happened in the last day. My voice is gone, my arms and legs are sore, and I have a brand new camera with 350 pictures of the best night of my life on it.

We got there pretty early, around 5. There was a moderately long line of cars waiting for the parking gates to open when we arrived. I sat on top of my car for a few minutes before the line slowly started moving forward and we pulled into the gates. By that point the adventure had begun, and I was super excited. We got in and there was a bit of trouble trying to get in. We were confused about how the photo pass worked, and nobody else really got it either. But eventually we got in and everything was good.

Manchester Orchestra was the first to perform. I couldn't hear they're songs that good cause I was standing next to an amp that was as tall as I was and my eardrums were being pounded on. After they finished playing, it was a 15 minute break to switch around the drums and bring out the fancy MCR amps and Mikey's helmet and all that jazz.

When My Chem came out, I was screaming my head off. They did Na Na Na, Give Em Hell Kid, Im Not Okay, Mama, Helena, the Only Hope for Me is You, Destroya, Sing, Welcome to the Black Parade, and Teenagers (and probably one more that I can't remember right now). I had just gotten a Nikon earlier that day and I didn't have that much time to figure it out, so most of the pictures I got are kinda blurry (but cool none the less). I was only allowed to spend 2 songs from each band in the photo pit, and it all seemed to fly by so fast! Before I knew it, I was out of the pit and rocking along in the crowd. I managed to get a few more pictures in addition to the ones I shot in the pit, but they were of even less quality. Im kind of disappointed, but I know I'll always have the memories. I got a lot of worm's eye view shots of Gee, and I never really realized how dirty he could be in concert *wink wink*. I also got a lot of Mikey pictures (I'm a big Mikey fan :3). I got a great one of Ray's fro going crazy, but sadly I didn't get too many pictures of Frank because he was hidden behind the huge amps in front of me.

After MCR was Blink182, who I never really listened to cause I barely knew who they were. I instantly loved all of their songs, and I even got a wink from Mark Hoppus! I nearly fainted. I got a ton of shots of them, and the encore was absolutely amazing. Travis (the drummer) was put on a platform that went up and out into the audience. It was truly brilliant to watch (and kind of scary cause the platform tilted down a bit, and it looked like he would fall into the mosh pit).

Overall, it was a brilliantly fun time. Im so glad I got to go and experience my first (of many) MCR concerts. I hope they keep up the amazing work and never stop doing what they do, because it makes so many people happy. Thank you so much!


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