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Sep 4, 2011

REVIEW: Salt Lake City 09/03/11

With My Chemical Romance losing their drummer last night turned out to be an even bigger bummer tonight. They were obviously limited by their drummer - they played six songs.. NaNaNa, Planetary GO!, Helena, Teenagers, I’m Not Okay, and Cancer. When they left the stage I was horrified, totally not enough of MCR. The mood was.. sad? There was something off to be sure - they performed great and Gerard promised that the “mother fuckers” would never stop them but still.. I was sad by the short set list.

Tom DeLonge was fucked up! He was slurring his speech like crazy, barely singing but it was entertaining so whatever! (something about Salt “Lick” Utah and him licking all of us from our belly buttons…)

Not the best concert I’ve ever gone to but at least I got I’m Not Okay, because at the end of the day… that’s all I wanted anyways.

CREDIT: aublog - tumblr

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  1. I was at that show as well, down in the pit :) they actually played 10 songs; Nanana, I'm Not Okay, Planetary (Go!), Only Hope, Kids, Give 'Em Hell Kid, Tennagers, S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W, Helena, and Cancer. They cut their set short because the Blink 182 fans in the pit were booing them and just standing there. That was why Gerard left the stage after Cancer without saying goodbye. Up in the second row it was easy to tell he was upset as he walked off...Not one of their better shows I must say, but still a pretty damn good one. :) And I'm sure Tom was pretty drunk...but I didn't actually stay to see Blink play, my friends and I left the pit as soon as Gerard didn't come back, but it wasn't hard to hear him from anywhere in the venue.