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Sep 12, 2011

REVIEW: Honda Civic Tour Review. 9-10-2011 Indianapolis.

Waking Up on September 10th, I was already excited and Nervous. Preshow jitters. There Was a pit in my Stomach from shaking and being excited. On the way there I was still excited but finally stopped being as nervous as I was. We Got to the venue and Sat for awhile waiting to see if my tickets and pass were there. I got them no problems at all. We got in and a few things happen with seats but i'm not here to talk about that. Someone was throwing out Tom's guitar picks and i got one off the ground.

Matt and Kim opened up the show. They are really awesome! I never heard anything but one song from then but i think i'm a fan! I really enjoyed them.

About Ten minutes before my chem took the stage I went and took my position in front of Ray. There were three ther photographers with me and I didn't want to get in the way so I stood in my spot. The Lights dimmed and 'Hey Y'all by Outkast started playing. It was pretty funny and people sung a lot. Finally, The BL/I Women came on the screen.

She said her little part and started the count down. Everybody cheered and clapped. James was out first and then Ray followed behind. Frank and Mikey came out behind or around the other side, not sure which. Gerard was the last one I seen get on stage. As soon as the BL/I women was done they started NA NA NA. I was nervous at first but I started to take pictures, singing a long with them.

I moved my head and Smiled the whole time. Of Course NA NA NA was awesome But then they started playing I'm Not Okay. I was so excited for it. I took about 150 pictures in the short time I was up There. The song ended and The photographers and myself shuffled out of the pit. It was a Great Experience and I walked back to my seat. The Rest of the Seat was of course amazing.

 Planetary Started playing as I was walking back to my seat. I avoided the crew with the balloons and walked back to my seat and stood taking more photos. I clapped and sung a lot with some of the people around me. I was kind of worried that most of the people were here for Blink but a lot of people knew the words.  The Only Hope started playing and Gerard asked the crowd to wave our hands and clap. Before Mama there was a bit with the piano and I knew it was Mama.  It's always one of my favorites live. Gerard talked about The Kids from Yesterday for a few and then they started playing.  We clapped again by the command of Gerard. It's always nice when bands interact with the crowd. Right after kids, It was Helena. Helena was one of my first my first my chem songs when I was little. It was good to hear a mix of songs from the three albums, only missing Bullets from the setlist.

Moving right a long to Give Em Hell Kid. I was so Excited. It has been one of my favorite 'Three Cheers' Songs. I saw A lot of heads moving and I think My Chem sold some of the blink fans on that one.  They Whipped on to Teenagers and then Scarecrow.

At one point during the show, Gerard started singing 'Happy Birthday' and I joined in singing and clapping and said Happy Birthday to my mom also. We clapped and Cheered some more.

They whipped on to Teenagers and then S/c/a/r/e/c/r/o/w. It was definitely a surprise to see it on the setlist and It was amazing to finally hear it live. I think this was my second favorite song for the night. Welcome to the black parade started and So so many people knew the words. It's one of their most popular songs, of course but it was really awesome to see everybody 'fisting' the air when Gerard asked.

Everybody but Dewees and Gerard left the stage and they ended their set with an acoustic of 'Cancer'. It was very beautifully done. So many cellphone lights and lighters in the air. Gerard thanked everybody for doing it. He continued singing, I got a bit teary eyed because my Grandma died of cancer but I held it together and snapped a few photos of the crowd holding up the lighters and cell phones.

Gerard Said goodnight and thanks and left the stage with Dewees. Everybody cheered and the lights turned on. I left after My Chem's set due to feeling sick and being sore. Some How, I walked out with a bruise on my knee. But it was an Amazing show and i'll never forget the opportunity that I had for it. I think My Chem gained a few new fans after the show. I'm pretty sure heard someone say they never heard of my chemical romance and they liked them. It was awesome to finally see them in my state. Last time I was pretty sick and couldn't go.

Again, Thank you for giving me the chance to do this. It meant a lot to do it and I'm honored I was picked.

Thank you,

xo Tiffany


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