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Sep 12, 2011

REVIEW [excerpt]: Blink-182 at Sandstone Amphitheater

"...If any band took blink’s place during its hiatus, it was co-headliner My Chemical Romance.  The two bands don’t share a lot of similarities, but they appeal to a surprisingly similar audience.  The theatrical emo outfit puts on a suitibly energetic show, but they brought little passion to Friday’s set.  That’s made up for by their wildly energetic music, with lead vocalist Gerard Way sqealling and squealching into styles that range from marching bands, Gypsy Rock, and reliable ol’ synth-driven punk.  But their sound is defined by guitarist Ray Toro, who somehow incorporates a sound that owes a lot to Queen into bullet-beat songs.  MCR could have been hindered by the recent replacement of their drummer, a shift that took place just this week.  To this casual fan, though, the percussion sounded just as I remembered it.

As excited as the crowd was for the headliner, it may not have topped the excitement seen for MyChemicalRomance.  Towards the end of their hour set, the barricade at the front of the crowd was broken down, requiring thick wood braces for the rest of the night to keep the performers safe."

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