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Sep 5, 2011

REVIEW [excerpt]: Live show review: blink-182 and My Chemical Romance at White River Amphitheater

"...Co-headlining the Honda Civic Tour, and opening for blink-182, was New Jersey punk band My Chemical Romance, arguably my very favorite band of this modern rock era.
For as silly as blink-182 was, My Chemical Romance was equally as serious. Singer Gerard Way listed the three rules for MCR shows as “One: don’t be an asshole; two: if you see someone fall down, pick them back up; three: have fucking fun.” He applauded the crowd for adhering to number two and told the audience they were the nicest on this tour. It should be noted that the most devoted MCR fans are amongst the most loyal and passionate of any artists’ fans, or as Gerard Way put it, “MCR fans are very nice people.” They go by MCRmy.

The crowd, however, wasn’t exactly passive. They were into the show from the moment My Chem tore into their first song, “Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na),” my favorite song of 2010, and didn’t slow down until the band finished their eleventh and final song. Most of the crowd was really into MCR’s set, proving their was a lot of overlap between the fanbases of blink-182 and MCR.

While performing while the sun was still out, MCR performed an energetic set, running through songs from all four of their albums, though the latest, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, seemed the most heavily represented.

Part of what makes MCR such a great band is that not only has a not insignificant number of fans found MCR’s music life-saving at best and life-affirming at the least, but that the band is aware of that and works tirelessly to live up to that. The love the fans have for the band is 100% reciprocal. Way told the crowd toward the end of the set, “love, guns and nuclear war. One of those doesn’t kill anyone. You should learn which one that is.”

The other major part of MCR’s greatness is that they’re simply a great rock and roll band that makes great songs.

They finished their set, which lasted around an hour with “Welcome to the Black Parade,” which nearly everyone in the audience knew the words to and sang along with."

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