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Sep 1, 2011

REVIEW [excerpt]: Blink 182 and friends offer punk show at Rogers Arena

With My Chemical Romance, Rancid, Against Me!

"...The complete opposite in terms of punk rock ethos had to be My Chemical Romance.The Jersey-bred alt-rock band, led by frontman Gerard Way, owes more to the theatricality of Queen, Pink Floyd and Mellon Collie-era Smashing Pumpkins than it does the Sex Pistols. (Way has stated numerous times how much he idolized Billy Corgan growing up.)

On-screen countdown, glowing mic stands, lighting rigs in full effect: My Chemical Romance went all high-energy spectacle, Way and his bright red-dyed hair acting as a manic master of ceremonies, imploring the crowd to follow his lead.

"Let me see your hands!" he repeatedly screamed, the people on the floor raising their arms in unison.
The band kicked into the massive Planetary, the floor jumping like mad, giant balloons packed with confetti bouncing around the arena.

Hard to believe we were a mere three songs in.

Way did his best Freddie Mercury/Liza Minelli impression on Mama, pulling his hair, going crazy, screaming, "Mama we're all gonna die!" atop a wall of guitars.

By the time the band broke into hit Helena, the entire audience singing the song's anthemic "so long and goodnight" chorus, one could have wondered, "What's that headlining band's name again?"

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