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Jul 22, 2011

ARTICLE (excerpt): Your Musical Word Of The Day: Wainwright (WARNING - Gee bashing)

from the article "Your Musical Word Of The Day: Wainwright" by Jeff with one F:

Use in a sentence: Will the Houston Press cover the cost of hiring a wainwright to construct a suitable transport large enough to hold the amount of pies with which Gerard Way deserves to get hit in the face for sullying the proud names of Bauhaus and Queen by claiming inspiration from them?

Full Article Here

***hit in the face references the article "10 Musicians who Deserve a Pie in Their Face" by Pete Vonder Haar which lists Gerard Way as #5 with the caption reading:

"Pie-ing Offense: He claims My Chemical Romance are influenced by bands like Queen, Iron Maiden, The Smiths, Black Flag and Bauhaus. So why do they still suck?

Patisserie Punishment: Onion pies make us all weepy, just like emo"

Full Article Here

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