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Jan 20, 2014

NEWS: My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way slams comics warlock Alan Moore

If you've been around the comics world lately, you might've seen a link being passed around to an interview with Alan Moore, in which he came off as pedantic and condescending while responding to questions about problematic elements of his stories. Like, for example, Moore repurposing the Golliwog for a character in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, about which he goes to great lengths to explain how the original Golliwog wasn't a racist caricature at all. In response, Gerard Way, formerly the vampy frontman of My Chemical Romance, has bestowed his own condescending award upon Moore.

"This certificate hereby bestows upon the bearer the faculty to patronize your chosen industry, select your audience, deconstruct actual human beings like they were Silver Age C[h]arlton characters and act like you wrote The Grapes of fucking Wrath," it reads. Plus, it has a picture of a kitty.

In the interview, Moore is his typically loquacious and unhindered self, calmly explaining his (undeniably problematic) views regarding the perception of his work and his interactions with other people. He has some brutal words for journalist Laura Sneddon over some perceived slight, and then refers to comic book writer Grant Morrison's existence as "herpes-like." He then suggests that anyone who's ever had anything to do with Grant Morrison, particularly fans of Morrison's work, should never read Moore's work ever again, "as I don’t think it fair that my respect and affection for my own readership should be compromised in any way by people that I largely believe to be shallow and undiscriminating."

To that, Way tweeted, "I feel like the most deluded bit is the assumption that a lot of us still read [Moore's] work. His request required no action on my part."

While it might seem peculiar for a former rock star to be so invested in the drama of the comics industry, Way has his own fingers in the pie, having worked on his own title, The Umbrella Academy since 2007, as well as a graphic novelisation of My Chemical Romance's last record in the form of The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. In the past, Way has cited Morrison as one of his biggest inspirations, and the two presented a talk together at last year's Graphic comics festival. Check out Way's biting certificate for Alan Moore below, and read the inflammatory, potentially last ever interview from Alan Moore here.


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