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Jul 9, 2012

NEWS: SDCC 2012 EXCLUSIVE: The Aquabats MC Bat Commander On Collaborating With My Chemical Romance, And More!

As we exclusively revealed on Friday, My Chemical Romace’s Gerard Way will be moderating the Aquabats Super-Show panel at San Diego Comic-Con this year… But how the heck do these two musical super-powered folks even know each other? And does this collaboration mean the utter destruction of SDCC is imminent? To find out more about this, we chatted with the Aquabats’ leader Christian Jacobs, a.k.a. MC Bat Commander, who was deep in convention planning.

“Gerard and I met on the set of Yo Gabba Gabba!, actually,” said Jacobs. “He’s been talking about Gabba for a while, and finally we had MCR on the show this past year. While we were going over the creative ideas for their performance, we hit it off! We became friends in nerdity!”

Continuing, Jacobs said the two bonded over pop culture, comics, and of course a mutual love of Shogun Warriors. Of course. From there, it was as simple as asking Way if he wanted to moderate the panel… And he said yes. Good story, right? Still, that isn’t the end of things, as Way and the Aquabats have big plans to blow San Diego’s mind.

“Without giving away too much, we’ve been talking about some collaboration, we want to announce some things,” said Jacobs. “I’m sure some bad guys will show up and try to blow up the room with a sparkly bomb, I don’t know! There’s always something weird that goes down with the Aquabats, and with Gerard it’ll be even more creative and weird.”

Given the mention of collaboration, we had to ask whether the weirdo superheroes of the Aquabats would be crossing over at any point with the even weirder superheroes of Way’s critically acclaimed Umbrella Academy comic. “Oh man, that would be amazing,” said Jacobs. “Who knows what will happen? We’re just excited he agreed to do the panel… He was a little reluctant, because at Comic-Con he always has other things going on. So having him agree to do the panel… We’re definitely figuring out some fun ways to capitalize on that.”

That’s not all the Aquabats have on tap for Comic-Con, though. They’ll also be doing a big show at the House of Blues on Saturday, July 14th. Will Way show up there, too? All signs point to yes. “We’ve got some friends down in San Diego,” said Jacobs. “Gerard and his brother, Rocket from the Crypt, and you might some appearances on stage from large rubber monsters. Lots of rock and roll, and large rubber monsters!”

You can check out the Aquabats panel on Friday, July 13th at 8pm in Room 7AB, and their show at the House of Blues on Saturday, July 14th at 7:30pm!


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