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Jan 24, 2012

ARTICLE: My Chemical Romance believes Big Day Out is here to stay

THE long-term future of Big Day Out may be clouded but not to My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way.

But he is confident the music festival is here to stay.

"It's like anything else, everybody gets beat up, you're gonna have great years and you're going to have hard years," Gerard says.
"It's indicative of how music and the world is doing in general ... but it's not like we'd never play it again, it's awesome, we're having a really good time."

Next year's Auckland event has been cancelled and there were fears the festival's Adelaide and Perth legs could suffer the same fate.

But the US rockers - currently touring with BDO - are hopeful of a speedy return Down Under and, in particular, to Adelaide, where Gerard has some fond memories.

"I remember walking around and finding a guitar shop last time we were here ... I think I bought an acoustic guitar in Adelaide.

"There's a cool kind of energy here." he says of his last visit five years ago. Times have changed for the quartet from New Jersey, who formed just over a decade ago. All four band members - Ray Toro, Mikey Way, Frank Iero and Gerard - are married while Gerard has a two-year-old daughter, Bandit.

"As new parents, we haven't quite figured that out, how to make it work," Gerard says. "It's really tough (touring), you never get used to it."
My Chemical Romance is playing at the Big Day Out at the Showgrounds on February 3.


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